Gas ranges are the central piece of every kitchen and choosing the right one can either make or break a culinary experience. While there is a rising trend towards ranges that only run on electricity, the gas-powered ones are still the most reliable, and the most affordable, as it can be seen in most gas ranges reviews.

Unlike their electrical counterparts, gas ranges have been around for quite a while. This means that a large number of manufacturers have released a large number of products. Unfortunately, this can also mean that it is often hard to identify the top gas range brands or products.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Gas Range Stove

However, those interested in either furnishing or upgrading their kitchen can follow a couple of golden rules in order to ensure that they get the best product for them. Everyone cooks differently and choosing poorly may mean that the gas range will work against you, instead of making your job easier.

Q. What is the Top Rated gas range to buy?

There are several types of gas ranges, and it is important to think about what features you’re interested in, in order to buy the best one for you. For example, there are two types of gas ranges, in terms of functionality:

  • Gas ranges – These are the basic models that most people may already have in their home;
  • Dual-fuel ranges – “Dual-fuel” refers to the fact that a model uses both gas as well as electricity. These usually have a gas stovetop and an electric oven. 

It is also important to keep in mind that dual-fuel models can require a lot of electricity. So, always ask yourself “Does the gas range need a dedicated circuit?”, and if it does, do you have a way to plug it in without much difficulty?

Q. What is the best gas range brand?

The short answer is that there is no “best brand”. Every manufacturer usually releases a couple of models each year, in an attempt to satisfy the needs of as many people as possible. If you’re looking to get a gas range, it all comes down to finding the model that best suits your needs. You may need a larger oven, or an electrical one; these details should play the biggest part in your purchase.

Q. Where to buy gas stoves?

You can get these on Amazon or other online marketplaces that sell a large number of models, but also in stores like Home Depot.

Q. What to look for in a gas range?

This depends on how you intend to use it. If you cook a lot of food at once, then a model that has a larger number of burners or a bigger oven. Also, you may want to get one with an electric oven that gives you more control over the temperature and time your food cooks for.

Q. Can gas ranges use propane?

It depends on the model. While there are gas ranges that are also compatible with propane right from the start, most can be modified using a conversion kit.

Q. Do gas ranges need to be vented?

Yes, especially if you have a gas oven that you use often. While one or two burners may not need to be vented, the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning grows when the oven is used. However, it is usually best to check your local building code or ask the professional that you hire to install the gas range.

So what is the best gas range – reviews for 2019

These having been said, here are our picks of the top rated gas ranges that are available on the market in 2019.

Here are the best professional gas ranges for home use:

Thor Kitchen 48" Best Dual Fuel Gas Range 2019

The 48” dual fuel range from Thor is a great option for anyone who needs to cook for a large number of people at a time. Its two electric ovens are placed side by side, making room for two additional burners. While it is one of the more expensive models, it is a high-quality stove range.


  • Liquefied gas or natural gasThe dual fuel range can run on either one of these;
  • Thermostat system – the model comes with a thermostat that gives the user more control over the temperature;
  • Black porcelain oven interior – The interior of the oven is easy to clean and maintain;
  • Automatic reignition – The range comes with a system that senses if the flame of a burner extinguishes and reignites it;


  • Choice of fuel – Those interested in purchasing this model can specify what kind of fuel they want to use for the stove gas or LGP;
  • Reignition system – cooking on several burners at the same time can be chaotic and the reignition system does a great job of maintaining them lit when they’re in use;


  • One convection fan – Although it is a double oven gas range, only one of the two ovens comes with a convection fan;
  • LGP needs a kit – Choosing to have it run on LGP requires a kit that may add to the price of the range;

Kucht KRD366F Professional Gas Range 

A pro’s gas range for perfect meals

This is one model that even master chefs would be proud of. It can cook, it can bake and it will work on natural gas, as well as LPG, and the manufacturer can convert it without any additional charges to the buyer.


  • Dual Fuel – The manufacturer can install a conversion kit before delivering the range to the client;
  • Powerful electric oven – The oven comes with two 3,000Watt elements at the base and one 850Watt one at the top, as well as a 3,500Watt one that serves as a broiler heater;
  • Auto-reignition – This safety system ensures that the burners are relit if they are ever extinguished accidentally;
  • Porcelain-coated oven – The oven is coated with blue porcelain in order to enhance its ability to retain heat and to make it easier to clean;
  • 6 burners – The gas stove top comes with 6 burners, three of which can go up to 18,000BTU;


  • Preinstalled conversion kit – The buyer does not have to install the conversion after purchase;
  • Burners galore – The large number of high power and low power burners enables the owner to cook a lot of food at the same time;


  • Traditional controls – A professional gas range should come with electronic controls, at least for the oven;
  • No integrated way to measure temperature in the oven – Other premium models come with temperature probes;

DRGB3601 Pro-Style Gas Range 

from General Electric – A gas range worthy of a master chef

A high-quality gas range that’s all work and no play. It comes with 4 powerful sealed burners that help cook food fast, an infrared griddle, and a convection oven. Every design choice about it is meant to cook food as fast and as well as possible.

While it may look basic, it is a great tool for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but also for those who prefer to get gas top stoves that will last for at least a decade;


  • Powerful burners – the gas range comes with four 18,500BTU burners that help cook food in an instant;
  • Convection oven – the oven is fitted with a convection fan that helps shorten the cooking time and makes the range more efficient;
  • Heavy duty grates – The grates are extremely durable and can last for several years if properly maintained;
  • Infrared broiler – The broiler can easily cook food to perfection;


  • Heavy duty build – The entire gas range has been built for intensive and extensive use;
  • Great burners – The fact that the burners are so strong means that food can be cooked in a fraction of the time that would be needed otherwise;
  • Convection fan – While it does not have an electric oven, the DRGB3601 does come with a convection one that is more efficient than a regular oven;


  • No electric oven – Most modern ranges have electric ovens;
  • Only 4 burners – While the burners are extremely powerful, having only four means that those who have to cook a lot of food at the same time will have to prioritize what gets done first;

The best gas ranges under 2000

LG LDG4315ST 30" Double Oven Gas Range

One of the best stoves for high-tech feature lovers

The LG LDG4315ST is proof that mid-range stoves can have just as many bells and whistles as their premium-priced counterparts. It is a high-quality gas range that comes with touch controls and a large number of features to go with them. A marvel among gas stove top ranges.


  • LGP kit – The gas range also comes with an LGP conversion kit;
  • Double oven gas rangeThe range comes with a normal oven and one that has a convection fan;
  • Touch controls – All of the gas range’s functions can be controlled through elegant, touch-enabled glass panels;
  • Door lock – The doors of the oven can be locked in order to prevent children from opening them;


  • Heavy-duty construction – the grates and oven door hinges are extremely durable and will last for several years without breaking;
  • Oven lock – The ability to lock the oven doors makes it great for families that have small children;
  • Multiple oven programs – There are several oven presets that help cook food easier;


  • Burner knobs are very sensitive – it is easy to accidentally turn on a burner when brushing against one of the knobs;
  • Burner knobs scratch easily – The layer of paint on the knobs that control the burners is extremely sensitive to scratches;

Cosmo F965 Stainless Steel Gas Range 

A rising star among gas cooking ranges

The F965 is quickly rising in popularity among both professional chefs as well as passionate home cooks. Cosmo has designed it to be as flexible as possible, featuring 5 burners of variable power and high-performance convection oven;


  • Dual Fan convection oven – The range’s oven comes outfitted with two fans for increased performance and cooking speed;
  • Powerful burners – The five burners range from 5,000BTU to 18,000BTU, guaranteeing that every dish will take less time to prepare than with other models in its class;
  • Conversion kit ready – The type of fuel that the range uses can be changed by installing a conversion kit;
  • Blue porcelain oven coating – The blue porcelain layer on the interior of the oven makes it easy to clean and increases its ability to retain heat;


  • Electric convection oven with two fans – As far as efficient ovens go, the one in the F965 is in the top 5;
  • Fuel choices – The possibility to install a conversion kit can give some buyers a bit of much-needed flexibility;


  • Conversion kit not included – those who want to use a different type of fuel for the gas range will have to purchase a conversion kit, as one does not come in the package;
  • Middle burner underwhelming – the middle burner only goes to 18,000BTU which may mean that larger pots and pans will need more time to heat up properly and cook the food;

Thor HRG3080U 30" Freestanding Gas Range 

The midrange model to help you take cooking to a new level

Ideal for most who enjoy cooking on a regular basis, this Thor range is one of the more moderately priced professional gas ranges on the market. It offers more than enough space to cook food for an entire family and is made from highly durable materials.


  • Stainless steel surface – The surface of the gas range can be simply wiped with a damp cloth in order to clean it;
  • 4 burners – this model comes with one 18,000BTU, one 15,000BTU, and two 12,000BTU burners;
  • Simmer function – The burners can be turned down all the way to 650BTW in order to let the food simmer;
  • Electronic ignition – The range comes with an electronic ignitor;
  • Reignition system – Thor has also integrated a safety reignition system to relight burners that get accidentally extinguished;


  • Easy to use – the electronic igniter and simmer function help make cooking a lot easier makes it one of the best gas ovens for the money;
  • Safety reignition – This system helps eliminate the worries of having to constantly keep an eye on the burners;


  • Gas oven – The oven runs on gas and takes longer to heat up than an electric one;
  • Easy to scratch – The surface is susceptible to scratches of any sort;

NXR DRGB3001 Professional

A powerful, heavy-duty gas range that is built like a German car

The DRGB3001 is proof that precise manufacturing and quality materials help create durable products. This gas range from NXR would be great even for the busy kitchen of a restaurant. Everything about it screams durability.

Its grates and the oven hinges can endure serious abuse without degrading, making it a useful for both busy homes as well as restaurants.


  • Heavy-duty build – The body, the oven door and hinges, and the grates that cover the range are all designed with durability in mind;
  • Coated oven – The interior of the oven is coated with blue porcelain, making it extremely easy to clean;
  • Convection fan – The oven also comes with a convection fan that helps cook the food evenly and faster;
  • Versatile burners – The gas range comes with two 15,000BTU burners, and two that 650BTU ones that are designed to simmer;


  • Durable – Those who want to start a restaurant will benefit from the reliability of this NXR model;
  • Easy to clean – All the parts of the gas range are very easy to clean;


  • Bulky and heavy – The gas range is heavy and has several sharp corners that children could bump into;
  • No lock for the oven – The oven door does not have a lock;

The best gas ranges under $1000

Frigidaire FPGF3077QF from Electrolux

A Mid-Range model all-purpose gas range for everyday use that is becoming increasingly popular in gas cooktop reviews

Those looking cheap gas stoves will be interested in this Frigidaire model, not only due to its price tag but also due to the fact that it has pretty much everything that one would ever need from a gas range. The design features a 5th elongated burner, a convection oven, and a very accurate temperature probe that can help simplify the cooking process.


  • Middle burner – The oval burner in the middle is great for larger pots and pans;
  • Temperature probe – The PowerPlus probe offers a precise reading of the temperature in the oven;
  • Convection fan – The gas range comes with a convection fan that can cook food extremely fast;
  • Digital display – The temperature and cooking time of the oven can be checked on using digital controls placed on the upper side of the stove; 


  • Precise cooking – The temperature probe is accurate and can help cooks follow recipes to the letter;
  • Flexibility – The central burner is great if you want to cook directly on oven pans;
  • Self-cleaning – The oven is self-cleaning and the owner simply needs to wipe it with a damp cloth to make it look like new;


  • No electric oven – The model would have been perfect with an electric oven that can cook food even faster than the convection one;
  • Uncomfortable controls – the knob that controls the oven is placed near the electronic display, and the owner would have to reach over the burners in order to start the oven;

Whirlpool WFG505M0BS 

A versatile Whirlpool gas stove range for passionate cooks

Whirlpool has designed a gas stove that, while doesn’t look astounding, can handle pretty much anything one throws at it. Its stainless-steel body is extremely durable and the 5 gas burners ensure that those who have larger families of love cooking for parties will be satisfied. Everything is packed into an affordable package.


  • Broiler drawer – The broiler is positioned below the oven and is extremely easy to use;
  • Digital controls – There are digital controls that set the temperature of the oven, as well as the time of cooking;
  • Powerful burners – The gas burners can go up to 15,000BTU;


  • Great value for the money – The features of the gas range are great when considering that it is one of the more affordable models on the market;
  • Lots of room – The stove offers a lot of space for pans and pots;


  • No convection fan – A convection oven would have been great. While the range’s oven has a decent capacity, having a convection oven would have helped cook the food a lot faster;
  • Not self-cleaning – This feature has slowly become a standard and it is missed in this model;

The 73433 Gas Range From Kenmore 

A great gas range stove that is built to last

Traditional and highly affordable, the Kenmore gas stove range is a great model that can last for decades. Its durable design is a perfect blend of advanced features and traditional build quality. While it may not have the bells and whistles of more expensive models, it does have an interesting design choice, namely a central elongated burner perfect for larger pots.


  • Central burner – the range does not come with a small gas stove. The oval burner placed between the four traditional ones is designed to fit any type of pan or pot;
  • Powerful burners – The gas range comes with a 14,200BTU power burner, the 10,000BTU central oval burner, and 5,000 BTU simmer burners;
  • Electric oven – The electric oven is easy to control, enabling the owner to set the exact temperature and cooking time;


  • Middle burner – The design of the middle burner can accommodate pats that wouldn’t normally fit on the stove;
  • Electric oven – The electric oven is more precise in terms of temperature than a gas one would have been;


  • Problematic middle burner – While having a 5 burner gas range is useful, it would have been logical for the middle burner to be more powerful;
  • Electronic display – The display on the top of the stove does not let you know when the oven has heated up;


All the models presented above cater to the needs of different groups of people, however, they all share a common trait. They are all durable and reliable. In the end, a gas range is one of the main elements of a functional kitchen and it is usually better to choose one that will last for several years, if not decades.

Consider what features are important to you and how much you intend to use the gas range before making a purchase. In the end, buying a model that is full of features can only help cook great food if you use it.

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