The kitchen gas range market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world. This is partially due to the fact as technology advances, manufacturers do everything in their power in order to come up with new features for their products, but also as a result of the fact that our cooking needs changee every few years. A particularly efficient development that companies have made in the design of gas ranges is to pair them with electric ovens that cook food faster and more efficiently. 

Whether is due to the fact that we start families or the amount of free time that we have changes. This means that our needs change periodically when it comes to how we cook food. In response to this, manufacturers have come up with a large variety of products, however, this can make it difficult to choose the best for a particular style of cooking. 

To make things easier, we will look at an assortment of very popular, durable, and feature-filled gas range models that have been designed to cater to the needs of different groups of people.

Installation Reminder

It is important to keep in mind that these require both gas as well as electricity in order to run, and some models require to be connected to the electrical system through a separate circuit. In most cases, it should be enough to have a power outlet close to the space that the dual fuel range will occupy. 

As usual, installation should only be done by a professional, in order to minimize the risk of accidents and to ensure that the connections are properly made.

The best dual fuel range 30 inch

Kitchen ranges come in all shapes and sizes. This having been said, a smaller, 30-inch kitchen range does not have fewer features than their larger counterparts. They have just as many features as larger ones, with the exception of obvious things like a larger number of burners. 30-inch dual fuel ranges are quickly growing in popularity among those who prefer to have a smaller but functional kitchen. These models come in both freestanding and slide-in designs and are just as easy to install. 

Bosch HDI8054U 800 Slide-in Gas Range

A quality, highly durable dual fuel range that can make cooking a breeze

Bosch has been around for a while and this has given the company a lot of insight into what customers want. The models produced by the company have great features and are surprisingly durable. Being a slide-in model, the HDI 8054U will fit great in smaller kitchens. One of the more interesting characteristics of this product is the fact that unlike other 30-inch models, it comes with a central burner.


  • Oven space: 4.6 cu. ft.
  • Full-depth model – While it is a slide-in dual fuel range, it has been designed to perfectly fit in the cutout of a freestanding model;
  • Powerful burners – The dual fuel range comes with 5 burners that go up to 18,000 BTU;
  • Warming drawer – The model comes with a warming drawer under the oven that keeps food warm;
  • Temperature probe – The integrated temperature probe accurately reads the temperature of the food prepared in the oven while it is cooking;
  • Convection oven – The oven comes with a convection fan that helps cook food faster;


  • Fits anywhere – Replacing a freestanding model with a full-depth slide-in one is much easier due to the fact that there is no need to make any adjustments to the counters;
  • 18,000 BTU burner – The fact that the dual fuel range has 5 burners and that one can go as high as 18,000 BTU makes is ideal for cooking a lot of food fast;


  • No self-cleaning function – Self-cleaning oven systems are slowly becoming a standard in the industry and the HDI8054U could have used one;

The best dual fuel range 36 inch

The 36-inch dual fuel gas ranges are a great compromise between cooking space and size. Most products in this category have enough space for a secondary oven, making them more suited for those who bake often. Furthermore, being dual-fuel, they are also far more efficient than regular dual oven gas ranges, and also cook food in a shorter amount of time.


Due to higher power requirements, it is important to ensure that the appliance I properly connected to the electrical system. Again, always call a specialist in order to make the connections in order to guarantee that the dual fuel range is safe to use.

Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36" Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range 

A dual fuel range designed for those who prefer to cook most of their food in the oven

The VEFSGE265NDSS is a dual oven dual fuel range that has been designed for intensive use. If properly maintained, it can last for up to a decade. The appliance caters primarily to the needs of those who intend to use the ovens on a regular basis as it comes with two convection fans and several baking and cooking preset programs.


  • Two ovens – One main oven that is 2.4 cu. Ft., and a secondary one that is 1.5 cu. Ft.; 
  • Convection fans – each oven comes with a convection fan that helps speed up the cooking or baking process;
  • Porcelain coating – the interior of the ovens is porcelain coated, making them easy to clean;
  • Storage drawer – the kitchen range comes with a storage drawer positioned under the ovens;
  • Central burner – the stove comes with a 16,000 BTU central burner;
  • Digital clock/timer;


  • Dual convection ovens – most dual oven models come with only one convection fan. The fact that this one has one for each oven puts it ahead of the competition;
  • Extra-large storage drawer – The larger width of the kitchen range enables more things to be stored in the drawer;


  • Only 5 burners – The larger size of the dual fuel range would have made it possible to add a 6th burner that other models have;

The best dual fuel double oven range

Those who have spacious kitchens and are not limited by existing furniture may choose to look for the best model that they can find on the market. For this group of people, companies have developed the professional freestanding dual fuel kitchen ranges. 

These appliances are often used in restaurant kitchens and are extremely durable. If used in a normal kitchen, on a daily basis, they can last for a lifetime if properly maintained. This makes them not only extremely useful appliances but also great investments for the future.


As with other dual fuel double oven kitchen ranges, it is important to ensure that the appliance is properly connected to both the electrical system as well as to the gas one. Have a specialist install it for you.

As far as other requirements are concerned freestanding models can be placed anywhere there is enough room for them, however, it is important to keep in mind that these are professional ranges and may require more ventilation than their smaller counterparts.

Thor Kitchen 48" Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

A high-tier kitchen range for those who cook on a daily basis

The Thor HRD4803U is also considered to be one of the best dual fuel range 2018, not just an astounding double oven model. Thor Kitchen has a lot of experience in developing quality products that come packed with both quality-of-life features, as well as functions that cater to the needs of professional cooks. While bigger than other models, the HRD4803U offers more cooking space in both ovens as well as on the cooktop.


  • Oven space: 6.7 cu. ft. in total;
  • Six burners – the burners range from 12,000 BTU to 18,000 BTU, and come with a 650 BTU simmer function;
  • Griddle – The kitchen range comes with a 15,000 BTU griddle;
  • Porcelain-coated ovens – Both the ovens have porcelain-coated interiors; 
  • Convection fan for the larger oven;
  • Thermostat systems for griddle and ovens;


  • A lot of cooking space – The range offers two spacious that can fit large pans and pots, and the cooktop is large enough to allow the owner to cook on all six burners at the same time;
  • Exact temperature controls – The ovens will regulate the heat in order to maintain the exact temperature chosen by the user;
  • Easy-to-clean drip pan – the griddle comes with a porcelain-coated drip pan that can be cleaned in the dishwasher;


  • Large – While not a disadvantage in itself due to the fact that it also offers a great cooking space, the kitchen range is extremely large when compared to other models;


Finding the best rated dual fuel range is usually only half of the process. The other half is looking at the features and choosing one that will suit your needs. Consider your cooking style and how much space you have in your kitchen before making a purchase.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a range is the heart of a kitchen. It is usually better to go for a premium model that will last for a longer time. Doing so will also ensure that spare parts for it will be easier to find, however, it is very unlikely that you will ever be required to repair it as these are built for intensive use.

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