As technology progresses, many expect that electric and microwave ovens will slowly replace the traditional gas ones. However, this may prove to take longer than expected due to the fact that none of these two new technologies seem to cook food the same as a gas oven.

For example, microwave do not heat the air itself in order to cook food, which can make baking close to impossible. Also, electric ovens are still expensive and somewhat unreliable due to their dependency on electricity.

On the other hand, a gas oven will work for as long as there is gas. Also, technology has improved for gas ovens as well, in the form of convection ovens. But more advanced does not necessarily mean better:

Gas ovens – Traditional and simple

Gas ovens have been around for a long time. Chefs from all over the world use them in both their professional as well as their personal life. These appliances work on a very simple principle: burn gas to heat air that cooks or bakes the food.

They only require fuel and they are extremely durable due to the fact that there aren’t many moving pieces. However, cooking in a simple gas oven is somewhat of an art. The design of a classic gas oven brings some issues with it:

  • Temperature regulation – Probably the biggest issue with normal gas ovens is the fact that it can be difficult to regulate the heat oven a longer period of time. There is no exhaust, so the longer the burners are on, the hotter they will become. This may not be an issue when cooking something for 30-50 minutes, however, it can be difficult to prepare recipes that call for 3-4h of cooking time in the oven;
  • Inefficient design – Normal gas ovens can burn too much fuel and create an excessive amount of heat. There is no automatic way to stop the burners when the oven reaches the desired heat and no way to vent hot air;

A convection fan makes a world of difference

The biggest difference when looking at a gas convection oven vs gas oven is in the name of the former: the convection fan. However, this is not the only difference:

  • Exhaust system – The convection fan in a convection oven helps vent out the hot air in order to prevent the temperature from increasing over the desired limit;
  • Convection fan – The fan is designed to move the air around the chamber of the oven. This not only cooks the food faster, but also exposes it to heat evenly. 
  • More energy efficient – Convection ovens also need less fuel in order to cook food, due to the fact that hot air is continuously directed towards the center of the chamber;

Is newer better?

The answer is yes. Convection ovens are a direct evolution of regular gas ones and, as a result, are more efficient. Furthermore, they can enable the owner to cook more delicate types of food that require certain temperatures. This having been said, the only disadvantage of convection ovens is the fact that they cost more than regular ones.

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