Frigidaire was one of the oldest and most popular appliance manufacturers in the US, up until it was acquired by Electrolux in 1986. The name Frigidaire currently represents a division of its parent company and an exquisite brand of household appliances.  This having been said, the products that bear this name, especially the kitchen appliances, are extremely well built and reliable as they are the product of many decades of experience. 

Most Frigidaire professional gas range reviews specify the fact that the products are usually used in restaurants due to their durability, but they will be equally useful in a home kitchen. These premium models are built to withstand heavy use for prolonged periods of time and should be able to last even mode if used in a home kitchen where the burners would not be active for as many hours as in a restaurant.

Frigidaire DMAFRIGFGGS3065PF Gallery 30 Slide-In Gas Range 

A premium gas range that comes can help you cook a large amount of food at the same time

While it is an older model, the DMAFRIGFGGS3065PF can still be found on many Frigidaire gallery gas range reviews. The appliance is built to last, featuring heavy-duty grates, a large convection fan and a digital control panel for the oven functions, as well as several other small things that make it a great all-round piece of equipment to have in the kitchen.


  • Convection oven – The model comes with a True Convection system that helps move hot air around the oven in order to cook the food faster;
  • Self-clean function – the oven comes with a self-clean function that only takes two hours;
  • Keep-warm function – the gas range comes with a program that will keep the food warm until it can be served;
  • Digital oven controls – the oven can be controlled using a digital display that also comes with the ability to convert normal cooking times to convection oven ones;


  • Conversion kit – the range can be converted to LPG using the included conversion kit;
  • All-round useful – the model comes with features that are always useful, such as self-cleaning and the keep-warm function;


  • Bad oven door design - The corners of the oven door are sharp and could hurt small children;
  • Grille assembly – The silicone elements of the grille can come off when it is lifted up from the cooktop;

Frigidaire FFGF3054TS 30 Inch Gas Freestanding Range 

An affordable appliance that is perfect for small families and amateur chefs

As a freestanding model, it can fit anywhere and it comes with a touch display mounted on a back panel that protects the wall behind it from splashes. This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that you won’t see it on Frigidaire pro gas range reviews. This is a normal model designed for household use, however, its functions and performance make it seem like it should come with a larger price tag.


  • Large oven – The gas range comes with a 5 cu. Ft. oven;
  • Self-cleaning function – The oven comes with a self-cleaning system that can be scheduled to start at a specific hour or day;
  • Storage drawer – The range comes with a storage drawer positioned under the oven;
  • 5 burners – The cooktop features an elongated central 9,500 BTU burner and 4 regular ones that range from 5,000 BTU to 17,000 BTU;
  • Digital command panel – The oven and its various functions can be controlled using a digital panel;
  • Continuous grate – The design of the grate allows the owner to easily slide pans and pots around;


  • Scheduled self-clean – The ability to schedule the self-cleaning system is extremely useful for those who cook daily;
  • Durable grate – The cooktop grate is extremely durable and will not degrade over time;


  • Front burners – the more powerful burners are located at the from where children may have access to them;

Frigidaire FFGF3015LB Freestanding Gas Range 

An affordable, entry-level gas range for those who have never owned one before

The FFGF3015LB is a very basic model, however, it gets the job done and it is extremely affordable. Also, it is a freestanding gas range so it can be placed in the kitchen or out in the yard and it will look just as good.


  • Spacious oven – the range comes with a 4.2 cu. Ft. oven;
  • Powerful burners – there are 3 9,500 BTU burners and one 12,000 BTU one;
  • Digital controls – the oven is controlled using a digital display;
  • Auto-shutoff – The oven automatically turns off after 12 hours; 


  • Strong burners – The burners are strong for a model in this class;
  • Broiler drawer – the drawer enables the owner to broil food;


  • No convection fan – the only thing missing from the gas range is a convection fan;


Frigidaire has been around for a long time. While the company may now be a part of Electrolux, the experience of decades of manufacturing household appliances remains. This can be seen in each and every Frigidaire slide in gas range reviews; the products are well built and affordable. However, this does not mean that every product fits everyone’s cooking style. Research each model and make an informed decision.

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