A quality kitchen range can not only make cooking easier, but it can also make it safer. Doing a bit of research when purchasing a gas range can help you find the most durable products, but will also enable you to choose the quality-of-life features that you need in order to cook without worrying that a burner will accidentally be extinguished, or that the kids will open the oven.


Frigidaire is a perfect example of American ingenuity and success. The company started out by making refrigerators at the beginning at the last century, however, it has slowly expanded to other household appliance markets since then.

Today, Frigidaire is one of the largest appliance brands in the World, with is popularity boosted after it was acquired by Electrolux at the end of the 90s. The company produces kitchen ranges that cater to the needs of both professionals as well as occasional cooks and fit into most budgets. Its products are built using durable materials and contain advanced features that help make cooking an enjoyable experience.  


Similar in scope and size, Samsung, has started out as an electronics manufacturer, however, it has slowly expanded its reach into the household appliance market. The company is known for its ability to integrate a large number of advanced features into its products, drawing on its experience in other markets.

While it is a Korean company, Samsung is currently competing with some of the biggest American appliance and electronic companies, aiming to become the number one electronics manufacturer in the country.

Frigidaire Professional 30" Freestanding Gas Range


  • Easy to clean stainless steel build;
  • PowerPlus Preheat system;
  • PowerPlus 18,000 BTU burner;
  • Convection oven;
  • Dual timer for cooktop and oven;
  • Gliding oven rack;
  • Self Clean system;
  • Continuous cooktop grates;
  • Accurate temperature probe;
  • Central burner that doubles as griddle;
  • Storage drawer below the gas range’s oven;

Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide-In Stainless Steel Gas Range


  • Convection oven;
  • Oven door lock;
  • Cooking timer;
  • Glass touch display for oven controls;
  • Oven Self Cleaning system;
  • Warming drawer under the oven;
  • Five burners ranging from 18,000 BTU to 700 BTU;
  • Custom cooktop grates designed for wok;
  • Accurate temperature probe;
  • Multiple preset cooking programs;

How do they compare?

While both products are made from durable materials and are of high quality, the Samsung NX58H9500WS does offer more in terms of features. From a performance point of view, both are similar; Both come with powerful burners and both have self-cleaning convection ovens. 

However, the Samsung model does also come with a heating drawer, while the Frigidaire one only has a storage one. Furthermore, the oven lock on the former gas range will appeal to those who have small children and are worried that they may open the oven door while the burners are on.

Overall, the NX58H9500WS is a better choice due to its quality-of-life features such as the oven door lock, the custom grates that make using a wok easier, and the large variety of preset oven programs.

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