GE is a company with a very long history of creating household appliances. The kitchen equipment that the manufacturer creates and sells is as popular now as ever and people continue to view it as a standard in the industry.

Most GE gas range reviews tend to ignore older or more affordable models due to the fact that most manufacturers now focus on premium appliances that are designed for heavy use. However, it often happens that the regular buyer does not need a restaurant-grade kitchen appliance, but one that will simply cook food properly.

How to choose the best Product?

Before looking at the models, keep in mind that there are a few things that you should determine in order to ensure that you make a good choice:

  • Measure – determine how much space you have for the appliance;
  • Features – think about how you cook food and determine what features are important to you;
  • Set a budget – look at a gas range as an investment. It is usually better to get one that may have a bigger price tag but will last for more time, rather than have to replace it every couple of years;


A state-of-the-art Kitchen Gas Range for Big Families and Busy Individuals that gets high marks in all ge cafe gas range reviews

While GE does not have many professional models, this one is one of them. The CGS995SELSS comes with upgrades that enable the owner to cook food without having to check up on it every couple of minutes. The two ovens are the star of this model, however, GE stove reviews have shown that the rest of the features turn it into a real powerhouse. 


  • Two ovens – The upper oven is 2.4 cu. Ft. and the lower one 4.3 cu. Ft.;
  • 6 burners – the stove comes with 6 burners, one of which is 21,000 BTU;
  • Integrated griddle – the kitchen range comes with a cast-iron griddle;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – The owner can wirelessly connect to the gas range in order to start and stop the oven;
  • Self-cleaning oven – the oven can clean itself, requiring minimal effort on part of the owner;
  • Temperature probe – the oven comes with a temperature probe that can read the core temperature of food cooked in the oven;


  • Remote control – The remote-control features are perfect for those who have small children due to the fact that they can start and stop the cooking process without leaving the little ones alone;
  • Very powerful burner – the 21,000 BTU is extremely useful when having to cook food in a couple of moments or when preparing food in large pans that have a lot of surface area;


  • Only one convection oven – considering that this is a premium appliance, it would have been expected to have a convection fan in each of its two ovens;
  • Easy to reach controls – Children can easily reach the oven controls and change the settings;

GE JGS650SEFSS Slide-in Gas Range

An affordable slide-in gas range that takes the stress out of cooking and dominates GE gas range reviews

Often presented in GE stoves review articles as a mid-range appliance, the JGS650SEFSS is an older, however, extremely reliable model that comes with a large oven and powerful burners. The range also comes with a couple of premium features such as a self-cleaning system and a preheat function that notifies the owner when the oven s ready;


  • Great burners – The burners range from 5,000 BTU to 15,000 BTU;
  • Oven size – The kitchen appliance offers 5.6 cu. Ft. of oven space;
  • Self-clean system – The oven can be set to clean automatically through a special program;
  • Storage drawer – A drawer is placed under the oven to serve as storage space for kitchen utensils;
  • Durable grates – the cooktop grates are made from cast iron and can withstand heavy use;


  • General purpose features – the features are ideal for an affordable model. They cater to the needs of regular users without favoring the stove over the oven or vice versa;
  • Conversion kit – The kit to convert the gas range to LP is included in the package;


  • No convection oven – The only thing missing is a convection fan. These have become a standard and are present even in cheaper models;

GE JGSS66SELSS 30 Inch Slide-in Gas Range 

A Slide-in Gas Range with Integrated Griddle and an included LP Conversion Kit

The JGSS66SELSS is a practical gas range that was designed around the idea that everything needed to cook any dish should be included in the package. This rising star of ge slide in gas range reviews comes with a non-stick griddle that is integrated into the cooktop and a spacious oven that will fit pots of any size;


  • Storage drawer – The kitchen appliance offers space under the oven for storing kitchen tools and cookware;
  • Powerful burners – the 5 burners of the stove range from 5,000 BTU to 15,000 BTU;
  • Large oven – The kitchen range comes with a 5.3 cu. Ft. gas oven;
  • Preheat function – The range comes with a preheat system for the oven that emits a noise once the desired temperature has been reached;
  • Digital oven controls – The oven is controlled through a digital display;
  • Self-cleaning system – The appliance comes with the ability to clean the oven automatically, using steam; 


  • Safe – Both the oven door and the controls can be locked in order to ensure that kids do not play with them;
  • Great features for the price – The kitchen range comes with great features at a smaller price than other models;


  • No convection – The oven does not come with a convection fan;
  • Easy to clean cooktop – The cooktop is coated with a porcelain-enamel layer that prevents food from sticking to it;


These are some of the best gas ranges produced by GE.  The company is currently developing models for several product lines, however, these are the most popular ones on the market. There may also be refurbished GE Adora stove models available online for those who basically want to get the cheapest cooking appliances possible, or a gas range to place in the yard.

Making an informed decision requires looking at GE stove reviews and then comparing the information with your own expectations from an ideal kitchen appliance.

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