While more and more models of electric ranges are constantly appearing on the market, gas models are still the most popular and the most widely used. Gas ranges have been a standard in terms of kitchen appliances for many years. The reason behind their continued success is that they are reliable, affordable and that they can cook food extremely fast.

Manufacturers are constantly releasing new gas ranges that contain more features and more advanced technologies. However, the large number of products can quickly turn buying one into a chore, as half of the features usually cater to the needs of certain types of cooks.

Make an informed decision

Whether you are refurbishing your kitchen or just now buying appliances for it, it is imperative that you know what to look for when buying a gas stove. Making an informed decision means that half the battle is won since before you set into a store or open a shopping website.

  • Measure everything – The most important step of buying any major appliance is making sure that it will fit in the available space. Determine what space you can allocate to the gas range and look for a model that is slightly smaller. This will give you room clean around it;
  • Think about what features you would use – Manufacturers to come up with feature-filled products, however, these are not useful for everyone. Furthermore, they raise the price of a gas range. This having been said, think of what kind of food you cook and how you do it. For example, if you don’t bake, there is no reason to get a model that has a convection oven;
  • Fuel type – Another element that you must look at when learning how to pick a gas range is fuel. There are gas ranges that can be converted from natural gas to LPG. For some of these, you may be required to buy and install the conversion kit, while for others the manufacturers will do the conversion before delivery.  
  • Electric ovens - Also, if you get a gas range with an electric oven, keep in mind that it may require to be connected on a separate circuit. Go to the manufacturer’s website and look at the power requirements in order to find out how it must be connected;

Consider how you will use the gas range

This is where setting a budget comes into play. While it may be more practical for those who cook rarely to get a cheaper model, households with larger families or individuals who cook more often have a different choice: get a mid-range gas range that may have to be replaced 4-5 years later or get a professional one that can last for a lifetime.

Professional gas ranges are designed for restaurant use. They can withstand daily use for many years. Getting one for a home, where it will degrade slower than in a restaurant essentially guarantees that the appliance will last for a very long time.

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