LG products have been a part of the household appliance market for a long time. The constant work that the company has put into developing new and improved products has given it a great insight into what customers want, enabling it to develop models that cater to the needs of specific groups of people. Even in 2018, there are LG slide in gas range reviews that show how the company has gradually moved from low-tech appliances to ones with features that specialize them.

Today we will be looking at some of the best gas ranges that LG has to offer, and see what features they come with:

LSG4513ST 30" Slide-In Gas Range 

An elegant gas range that is perfect for families and individuals who cook on a daily basis

The LSG4513ST is a small 30-inch, mid-range appliance that may not come with many advanced features that premium models have, but it does do everything one would expect from a gas range. It has a large oven, powerful burners, and a convection oven, making it a great general-purpose gas range.


  • Oven space – the gas range comes with a 6.3 cu. Ft oven;
  • Convection fan – The oven’s convection fan circulates hot air in order to cook food faster;
  • Self-cleaning system – the oven can be cleaned with minimal effort;
  • Blue porcelain oven coating – The interior of the oven is coated with blue porcelain in order to make it easier to clean;
  • Storage drawer – a storage drawer is positioned under the oven;
  • Digital oven controls – The oven is controlled through a glass display positioned between the control knobs;
  • SmartThinQ app – The SmartThinQ app can be installed on phones and tablets and used to store oven presets for various recipes;


  • Self-cleaning convection oven – This makes the kitchen range extremely useful for those who prefer to cook food in the oven on a daily basis;
  • App – the app is extremely useful for storing recipes and then automatically applying stored settings to the oven;


  • Electric oven – the only thing that this kitchen range does not have is an electric oven to speed up cooking even more;

LG LDG4311ST 30" Double Oven Gas Range

A Gas Range Designed For Those Who Prefer To Cook Food In The Oven, Not On The Stove

The LDG4311ST model is an entry-level double oven gas stove model from LG. One of the reasons why this gas range gests high marks on most LG gas range double oven reviews is the fact that it is a freestanding model, and it takes up much less room when compared to a slide-in double oven range.


  • Powerful burners – The 4 cooktop burners range from 5,000 BTU to 17,000 BTU;
  • Double oven – the kitchen range comes with a 2.6 cu. Ft. oven and a 4.3 cu. Ft. one;
  • EasyClean self-cleaning system – The ovens can be cleaned without the need to scrub or to use chemical substances;
  • Convection fan – The larger oven comes with ProBake convection that helps cook the food faster;
  • Conversion ready – the gas range can be converted to LPG using a conversion kit;
  • Touch display – the oven can be controlled using a touch display;


  • Design is focused on the oven – As one would expect from a double oven model, most of the features are built around the two oven sections;
  • Safe – The oven automatically turns off after 12 hours and its door can be locked;


  • Oven controls on the back panel – It is hard to reach the display if there are hot pots on the stove, especially on the back burners;

LG LDG4315ST 30" Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range

Another start of LG double oven gas range reviews, the LDG4315ST is a slight upgrade when compared to its predecessor, however, it is important to note that a more advanced model also comes with a higher price tag.


  • Dual ovens – The two ovens are 4.3 cu. Ft. respectively 2.6 cu. Ft.;
  • EasyClean – the ovens are self-cleaning;
  • Powerful burners – the LG UltraHeat burner is 18,500 BTU;
  • Glass touch display – the ovens can be controlled using a touch display positioned on the back panel;
  • Lower convection oven – The lower oven comes with a convection fan that helps cook food faster;
  • Smartphone app – the SmartThinQ app can be installed on smartphones and used to control the oven remotely;


  • Quality-of-life features – the ability to control the oven from a distance and the self-cleaning function are great for those who do not have much free time;
  • Spacious oven – The larger oven can fit taller pans and pots;


  • No oven lock – It would have been useful for the lower oven to have a locking mechanism, as it can be easily opened by small children;


LG, as a company, is one of the most popular household appliance producers on the market. The latest gas ranges that bear the LG branding got great ratings on LG studio gas range reviews, and are also impressive when compared to the products of other companies.

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