Gas ranges are the heart of a kitchen, and choosing a good model can have a big impact on your cooking experience. However, the large number of models and brands can make determining which one is best for your needs somewhat difficult. Today we’re taking a look at two popular models from two extremely large companies, namely LG and Samsung.


LG is one of the fastest growing companies in terms of household appliance production. The manufacturer is constantly producing new models, seeking to dominate the entire market. Most of the features that LG integrates into its products come from many years of experience in creating electronic systems. 

The company has released many types of kitchen appliances, including several models of gas stoves that fall into all price ranges. While the company is extremely popular when it comes to electronics, it is currently competing for a larger share of the kitchen gas range market with another Korean manufacturer, Samsung.


Samsung has slowly expanded its influence into several appliance and electronics markets, starting with smartphones, smart TVs, and speaker systems, and ending with household appliances. The company is still a new competitor in the kitchen equipment market, however, it is quickly learning how to use various technologies from other products in order to improve the ones meant for cooking and storing food.

The gas range models produced by Samsung come with features that reflect the company’s affinity for high-tech gadgets and display systems. They also have lower prices than those from other manufacturers due to the company’s experience in developing electronics.

LG LDG4315ST 30" Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range


  • 6.9 cu. Ft. total oven space;
  • Double oven;
  • Door lock for both ovens;
  • 5 burners that range from 18,500 BTU to 5,000 BTU;
  • Glass Touch Display for oven;
  • Lower oven ProBake Convection system;
  • Self Clean systems for both ovens;
  • Cooking Complete Reminder;
  • Front panel knobs for cooktop control;
  • Porcelain coat for cooktop;
  • Freestanding model;

Samsung NX58F5700WS Stainless Steel Gas Range


  • 5.8 cu. ft. single oven design;
  • True Convection system;
  • Warming Drawer;
  • Digital oven display and controls;
  • Gliding oven rack;
  • Custom cooktop grate designed for wok;
  • 5 burners ranging from 18,000 BTU to 1,000 BTU
  • Self Clean oven;
  • Oven Door Lock;
  • Freestanding mode;

Which one is better?

Both are freestanding models and both are relatively similar when it comes to features. However, the LG model does seem to be less flexible than the Samsung NX58F5700WS. While the former does have two ovens, the fact that only one has a convection fan means that the second one is less efficient.

At the same time, the Samsung model comes with only one oven that contains a convection system, enabling the owner to cook all the required food at the same time. 

The Samsung model is also more flexible when looking at the cooktop, due to its 1,000 BTU burner that is perfect for simmering. 

Overall, the Samsung NX58F5700WS is the better choice in terms of both flexibility, and features.

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