There aren’t many Samsung gas stove reviews around, however, this does not mean that the company isn’t producing new models. The reason behind this is the fact that Samsung, as a company, makes and sells a very large variety of products and few people actually know about the gas stoves and ranges that bear the company’s branding. 

This having been said, gas ranges made by Samsung are extremely durable and come with features that are worthy of a tech giant. Most of these can be seen in Samsung flex duo gas range reviews or Samsung top 10’s for kitchen appliances.

The company makes both freestanding as well as slide-in kitchen ranges. There are models that cater to the needs of smaller families, but one can also find products that are designed for cooking several dishes at the same time.

While there are few Samsung gas range reviews, one common trait of all the gas ranges manufactured by Samsung can be seen: a large number of predefined programs that can help inexperienced amateurs prepare various types of food.

Samsung NX58H5600SS 30 In. Freestanding Gas Range

A midrange gas range that offers a lot of value

All Samsung NX58H5600ss reviews start by specifying one thing: This is a mid-range gas range, but it has a couple of features that are normally found on premium models. As far as design is concerned, the NX58H5600SS comes with an elongated central burner that works great with oddly shaped cooking trays, pans and pots, and a huge oven.


  • Large oven – The gas range offers 5.8 cu. Ft. of oven space;
  • Convection fan – the oven comes with a convection fan that moves hot air around the chamber in order to speed up the cooking process;
  • Included griddle – The kitchen range comes with a removable griddle specifically designed for the cooktop;
  • Positioning indicators – The custom grate features indicators that show the user where to place cookware in order to improve its stability and have the burners heat it evenly;
  • Self-cleaning system – The oven comes with a self-cleaning program that requires minimal effort on part of the owner;
  • Digital display – The oven is controlled using a digital display positioned on the range’s back panel;
  • Powerful burners – The model comes with 5 burners that range from 5,000 BTU to 17,000 BTU;
  • Oven lock – The oven door can be locked in order to prevent children from opening it while the burners are active;


  • Child-friendly – The ability to lock the door using controls that are situated out of the reach of children, on the back panel, makes is extremely safe for those who have children;
  • Simple commands – The touch display is easy to use and all the commands are clear and straightforward;


  • Touch display position – The user would have to out his hand over the burners in order to use the back-panel touch display, which can be problematic if these are on or if large pots are on the stovetop;

Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide-In Stainless Steel Gas Range

A Samsung Model that Uses High-Tech Features to Make Cooking Easier

The NX58H9500WS is usually present in most Samsung slide in gas range reviews. While the model is somewhat older than others on this list, it remains a popular choice due to the fact that it comes with features that Samsung has developed and refined through other products.

One good example is the digital dashboard that uses technologies developed by the company for smartphones and other touch devices. This having been said, Samsung has also come up with a couple of new features that nobody else is integrating into their products at the moment, like a custom, wok-compatible cooking grille. 


  • Large oven – The oven offers 5.8 cu. Ft. of cooking space that is perfect for taller pans and pots;
  • Digital dashboard – The gas range comes with a digital display that controls the oven, can set timers, and also converts normal oven cooking time to the convection oven equivalent; 
  • Many predefined cooking programs – The kitchen range comes with several programs that help the owner cook food more easily;
  • Two-side griddle – The included griddle can be reversed in order to cook different types of food;
  • Custom cooking grille – the grille of the NX58H955WS has been designed to improve the stability of woks and other pans that have a round underside;
  • Temperature probe – The oven comes with a temperature probe that helps read the core temperature of food while it is in the oven;
  • Warming drawer – The drawer positioned under the oven can keep the food warm for long periods of time;
  • 5 burners – The stove comes with 4 normal burners and a central, elongated one that goes up to 18,000 BTU; 


  • A lot of cooking space – The large oven and the 5 burners offer a lot of cooking space which allows for multiple dishes to be prepared at the same time;
  • Intuitive – The oven controls are easy to use and can help the owner cook more delicate types of food;


  • No oven lock – The oven door could have used a locking mechanism;
  • Burners get hot – The burners warm up quite a bit while the oven is on;

Samsung NX58F5700WS Stainless Steel Gas Range

A mid-range model that forgoes high-tech features and focuses on reliability and durability

This is a no-nonsense mid-range model that focuses on having only features that have a direct impact on how food is prepared. It does come with a digital display that controls the convection oven, however, this is the extent of its “quality-of-life” features. Everything else is designed for those who cook on a daily basis and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty;


  • Large oven – 5.8 cu. Ft. of oven space;
  • 5 burners – The burners range from 1,000 BTU to 18,000 BTU;
  • Warming drawer – The kitchen range comes with a warming drawer positioned under the oven;
  • Convection oven – the oven comes with a convection fan that speeds up the cooking process;
  • Gliding rack – The gliding rack helps take heavier trays and pots out of the oven;


  • Oven lock – the oven door can be locked while the burners are active;
  • Middle burner – the middle burner is great for cooking in oddly shaped cookware;


  • Impractical Wok-stabilizing grille – the manufacturer advertises the range as coming with a cooking grille designed for woks, however, this is not the case;


These are some of the best products from Samsung. While each is great in their own right, it is important to choose carefully in order to ensure that you get the most out of the appliance. It is unlikely that you will find Samsung double oven gas ranges due to the fact that the company hasn’t produced many models with this feature, however, the few that there are on the market can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Always look at the manufacturer’s website in order to find a product, and then at reviews in order to determine if the product is useful when it comes to your cooking style.

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