A good gas range for the kitchen can make a world of difference when it comes to preparing food either on a daily basis or for a larger number of people. However, choosing a good range can be difficult, even when looking at the products sold by a single manufacturer. 

When it comes to kitchen appliances, particularly kitchen gas ranges, Thor is one of the most popular manufacturers around. Their products are both versatile and durable and have slowly become the favorite of both master chefs as well as amateur home cooks.

THOR - Many features for many people

The company sells products that fall in all price ranges. Furthermore, engineers at Thor have found ways to integrate a large number of features in their gas range models. From convection ovens and powerful burners and dual fuel systems, their kitchen appliances are designed to cater to the needs of a large number of people.

If the products from Thor are the best on the market, the following ones are the best of the best. They are popular as a result of the many features that they come with, as shown in numerous Thor kitchen reviews, but also due to the quality of their build and the bang-for-the-buck.

Thor range reviews for the best of the best

Thor Kitchen HRD4803U 48" Dual Fuel Range

​A professional appliance for experienced chefs

The HRD4803U model from Thor is a top-of-the-line kitchen appliance usually chosen for busy restaurants and large households. The gas range is built with durability in mind, in order to withstand daily, intensive use, for long periods of time. As a result, most Thor range reviews that the HRD4803U has been a part of have been astounding.


  • Reignition system – A system that reignites the burners if they are ever accidentally extinguished;
  • Dual ovens – The gas range comes with two electric ovens that have a black porcelain interior coat, making them easy to clean and increasing their ability to conserve heat;
  • Convection fan -  the larger, 30-inch oven comes with a convection fan that can speed up cooking time;
  • Powerful burners and simmer function – The stove comes with 6 burners, 2 of which can go up to 18,000 BTU, and another two that can be reduced to 650 BTU in order to simmer food;


  • Large and spacious – The gas range comes with 6 burners and two ovens, making it ideal for anyone who needs to prepare a lot of food at the same time;
  • Great for sauces – The two burners that can be set to 650 BTU are great for keeping food hot or cooking more delicate sauces;


  • One convection fan – Only one of the two ovens comes with a convection fan. As a premium model, it would seem normal that the manufacturers place a convection fan into both ovens in order to enable the owner to cook food at the same rate;
  • Very large – This gas range may be too big to fit in most kitchens.

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30" 

A smaller, professional gas range that comes with a lot of features

The HRG3080U is another quality gas range that Thor designed for professional use, however, this model is smaller than the one above. This having been said, it still has most of the bells and whistles that one would expect from a premium product and most Thor appliance reviews from professionals as well as amateurs have been favorable


  • Large oven – The range’s oven measures 4.2 cubic feet, and allows for a large quantity of food to be prepared simultaneously;
  • Powerful burners – The largest burner on the stove can reach 18,000 BTU, which is ideal for larger pots or pans;
  • Convection oven – The gas range’s oven comes with a convection fan that helps speed up the cooking process and makes baking more energy efficient;
  • Porcelain coated oven – The oven is coated in a layer of blue porcelain, making it easier to clean;


  • Spacious – The oven is large enough for pots of any size, making it perfect for cooking for house parties or small events;
  • Powerful convection oven – The 22,000 BTU burner of the oven and the convection fan makes it one of the best models for those who bake often;


  • No electric oven – As a high-quality product, it could really have used an electric oven. While the oven burner is powerful, an electric one would have been an improvement in terms of cooking time;

Thor HRG4808U 48.6-inch Gas Range

​A Model Designed For Large, Busy Kitchens

A model found in all Thor gas range reviews, this gas stove is specifically built for large, busy kitchens and restaurants. It comes with six burners and two ovens that enable the owner to cook a lot of food at the same time, and is built from heavy-duty materials that can withstand a lot of use over the course of many years.


  • Simmer setting – The burners of this model can be turned down to 650 BTU in order to simmer food;
  • Durable grates – The heavy-duty grates are made from cast iron in order to prevent them from deteriorating even when subjected to constant, high heat for several hours at a time;
  • Dual ovens – The gas range comes with two porcelain-coated gas ovens, one of which is equipped with a convection fan;


  • Large cooking surface – The 3 15,000 BTU and 3 18,000 BTU burners, coupled with the large cooking surface makes the gas range perfect for cooking a lot of food at the same time;
  • Reignition system – The reignition system is great considering that there are so many burners to keep track of;


  • Requires a lot of ventilation – The size of the gas range makes it necessary to also get a larger, more powerful ventilation hood;
  • One convection oven – Only one of the two ovens has a convection fan;

Thor Kitchen HRG4804U

​A gas range that can last for a lifetime

Thor has designed the HRG4604U model with durability and power in mind. The gas range offers 3 powerful, 15,000 BTU burners and 3 12,000 BTU ones, as well as a 16,500 BTU infrared broiler. As far as Thor kitchen range reviews, the model has performed extremely well in a variety of scenarios and for a variety of people, ranging from restaurant owners to avid home cooks.


  • Two ovens – The gas range comes with a larger convection oven that is ideal for cooking food fast, and a smaller one will fit medium-sized trays, pots, and pans;
  • Manual convection control  - The convection control can be turned on or off at will, enabling the owner to precisely control the temperature and cooking conditions in the oven;
  • Reignition system – The gas range comes with an ignition system that relights the burners if they are accidentally extinguished;
  • Infrared broiler – the 16,500 BTU infrared broiler can cook food to perfection;


  • Manual control – The manual convection fan control is great for baking;
  • Stainless steel construction – The entire gas range, including the control knobs, are all made from stainless steel;


  • Impractical propane conversion – Those who want to convert the gas range to propane will have to order additional parts from the manufacturer’s website, namely the LPG orifices for the burners;
  • Extremely heavy – The gas range weighs 450 pounds, which makes it extremely difficult to move should it be required; 

Thor LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range

​A mid-range model that has an ace up its sleeve

The LRG3001U is a mid-range product that has some great features, especially when considering the affordable price tag that it comes with. Its design may be simple, however, the engineers at Thor have included powerful burners that range from 6,000 BTU to 18,000 BTU, as well as an efficient convection fan.


  • Powerful broiler and oven burner – The gas range comes with a 10,000 BTU broiler and an 18,500 BTU oven burner;
  • Convection oven – The oven is coated with black porcelain and comes with a convection fan that can help speed up the cooking or baking process of food;
  • Quality design – The gas range comes with a large oven window and a simple, durable build that fits great in any kitchen;
  • Central burner – The model comes with a central 9,000BTU burner; 


  • Can cook on trays – the central burner may not be the most powerful, however, its elongated design makes it ideal for those who want to cook food in a stainless steel tray;
  • Convection oven – The convection fan helps cook food much faster and makes the oven more efficient;
  • Two oven racks included – The kitchen range comes with two porcelain-coated oven racks;


  • No electric oven – electric ovens are quickly becoming a standard for both low-end models and high-end ones alike;
  • No clean control knob markings – The knobs on the front panel all look alike and owners must remember which one controls what


Every gas range has advantages and disadvantages. This may be due to the fact that manufacturers often try to sell cheaper products to appeal to those who have low budgets, however, when it comes to the models on this list, it is more a matter of catering to the needs of different people. 

Some gas ranges are designed for intensive use, and as a result, they are heavy, durable, and more spacious, while other smaller ones are meant to appeal to casual home cooks.

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